Why Choose & Cut

The “Perfect” Tree

Imported trees on city lots were all planted the same day at a “tree factory” in Oregon and harvested en-mass seven years later. If your goal is a “near-perfect” dunce-cap-shaped tree for the lowest possible price, you can’t beat Home Depot.

Why Choose & Cut ?

Choose & Cut farms are all about the “experience”. Breath in some clear, cool mountain air and when you get home your tree will be fresh and full of that wonderful, pungent forest aroma.

Why Come To PATCHEN ?

The trees are carefully hand cultured, each one being unique, and none is perfect. The ground is covered with wood chips to control weeds, ward off insects, and help you to not get muddy. No need to put phony tree “nutrients” or flame retardant chemicals in the tree stand because your tree is absolutely FRESH. All it needs is plenty of water.

Each tree being cut must have a color spot, which indicates its category, but more importantly it shows where it should be cut.
If there is no spot, the tree is not available for sale.

We Provide Everything You Need
✔ Free Use of Folding Saws
✔ Free Bailing (hemp or biodegradable plastic)
✔ Free Loading and Tie Down
✔ Free Stand Installation (bring yours or buy it here)