The “Art” Of Sustainable Harvest

At PATCHEN, trees are cut carefully, leaving a whorl of branches so another tree can grow from the same stump. It’s like YOUR Christmas tree is simply a branch, and you can cut another in a few years.

A Color For Every Tree

  • Sustainability starts with a “window” near the base of each tree
    • It contains a spot, showing where to cut
    • Not above the spot! or below the spot!
    • But Right On The Spot!
  • Most trees have either RedYellow, or Green.
    • Regardless of size – from Seedlings to 7 Footers – each color has a single price
    • Red Is for tight budgets – mostly Redwoods (perfectly shaped at any size)
    • Yellow trees are mostly Douglas Firs, Monterey Pines & Leyland/Monteray Cypress
    • Green is for “true firs” and other “exotics”
    • Blue is reserved for custom shaped trees or trees over 8 feet
      …. these are priced by the foot
    • Trees with NO COLOR SPOT are not for sale!
    • Trees NOT CUT ON THE COLOR SPOT come with a customer surcharge!


This tiny Redwood, will be the 4th harvested from the same stump