The “Art” Of Sustainable Tree Harvesting

Our trees are cut carefully, leaving a whorl of branches on the stump. After a few years, another Christmas tree emerges from that same stump, and the process goes on endlessly. Think of it as your Christmas tree being a branch of a tree that continues on, long after you have cut your branch.

A Color For Every Tree

To insure that the process works, every tree is cultured to have a “window” near its base, which has a color spot, indicating exactly where it should be cut
   – not above or below the spot, but right on it   –
That means trees with NO COLOR SPOT are 
not available for sale !

The Color Code

  1. Red is for budgets – Redwoods (perfectly shaped at any size), and others.
  2. Yellow ones are mostly Douglas Firs, Monterey Pines & some Cypress.
  3. Green is reserved for the “true firs” and certain other “exotics”.
  4. Blue indicates custom cultured trees and trees over 8 feet. Blue dot trees are “priced by the foot”

  • Most trees fall into either the Red, Yellow, or Green category, whether seedlings
    or 7 footers- all are priced according to the Color Spot – regardless of size!
  • Trees NOT CUT ON THE COLOR SPOT are very expensive!
  • This tiny Redwood, just starting its new life, will be the 4th one harvested from the same stump !