PATCHEN has nearly every kind of Christmas tree there is
We sell the REAL ones & recycling the FAKE ones

  • Choose & Cut is all about the experience. On a REAL farm, not all trees are ready for harvest at the same time, so the fun is searching the hillsides for the one perfect for your family.
  • Imported trees like Noble Firs and Silvertips don’t grow well in the Santa Cruz mountains, but we offer a limited selection, delivered fresh from Oregon, Washington and the California High Sierras. In light of the ongoing shortage, the selection is limited.
  • Living Trees can be used year-after-year or planted outside. Several choices are available.
  • We have a large selection of Table Top trees, but come early because they go fast.
  • We have the tallest of Tall Trees for outside display or commercial use. They get reserved early by places like, Crow’s Nest, Carmel Villa onege, City of Capitola, Oakland City Hall and others, so plan to coy early.
  • We don’t sell the FAKE ones but you can bring yours and we will be happy to safely Recycle it.