PATCHEN has them all.
Selling the REAL ones & Recycling the FAKE ones
Wide variety of Christmas TreesChoose & CutIt's About The Experience
Not All Trees Are Perfect
The Fun Is Finding YOUR Perfect One
ImportedImported Trees
Noble Firs and Silvertips
Don’t Grow In These Mountains
In light of the ongoing shortage from Oregon & Washington, the selection is limited.
Living TreesUse Them Year-After-Year
or Plant Outside
Several Choices
1 gal, 2 gal, and 5 gal sizes.
Table TopsSeveral Varieties
Come Early
The Go Fast
Really BigWe Have The Tallest
Outside Display or Commercial
See Them At;
* Crow’s Nest
* Carmel Village
* City of Capitola
* Oakland City Hall
Fake PlasticHappy to safely Recycle it for you.