REAL Christmas Trees

The next time someone tells us about FAKE plastic Christmas trees being better for the environment, let’s remind them of the giant plastic factory in China, belching black smoke, or the trees that were sacrificed just to make the huge cardboard box that the FAKE one came in. How about the diesel fuel that was wasted to ship it across the Pacific.

They can read the warning label, about the lead contamination, or the toxic fumes of the PVC plastic.

Maybe they can imagine a “REAL” Christmas tree, converting green-house gases into pure Oxygen for us to breath and providing jobs in the USA instead of China.

At PATCHEN, multiple “REAL” Christmas trees are grown from the same stump, and recycled “REAL” trees are ground up for mulch to minimize herbicide use and replenish the soil.

Finally just ask them tohug your “REAL” tree and breathe that fresh forest aroma.

Oh; and did we mention that, contrary to popular belief, the professionals tell us that most Holiday house fires are a result of defective FAKE trees.

Is that a No-Brainer or what?

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