Tree-Fresh Products

the real thing made in the USA for real Christmas trees

Available Retail at the PATCHEN gift shop - or - Wholesale quantities online at

bio-stand-icon bio-stand

NO more rusty, leaking stand
NO more clamps and screws
NO more plastic in the environment

Simple, sturdy and reusable but fully biodegradable. Made from wood and recycled wood fiber, it's held together by a single reusable screw. Throw the whole thing in the compost pile, or fireplace or use it again next year - friendly to the environment like your REAL Christmas tree.


NO more sap on car or hands
NO more re-cutting at home

Moistened Fresh-Patch is applied to the trunk of the tree, secured with staples or tacks - then goes right into the stand and feeds the tree everything it needs.

bio-bag-icon bio-bag

NO more leaking stand damage
NO more spilling on the floor
NO more needles in the carpet

Spread the bag on the floor with tree and tree-stand on top. After the Holidays lift bag up to capture all the sticky needles. Unlike the ordinary plastic ones, this one is 100% biodegradable.


NO more water to spill...
NO more leaking stand
NO more warped flooring
NO more mildew and stained carpet

Place the Natural, Organic polymer crystals in any stand and fill with ice cubes. The melting ice turns Crystal-Fresh into hydrating gel that is impossible to spill. Adding ice daily is fast & easy. It's kid & pet safe and 100% biodegradable.