Seasoned Firewood




Varieties to Choose From

  • Oak & Madrone (high heat – burns slow)
  • Eucalyptus (even greater heat)
  • Soft woods (good heat – burns faster)
  • Kindling

Plenty Of Options

  • Full cord
  • Face cord (aka “rick”)
  • Your truck or car
  • “1-Match” bundles
  • Load yourself or Delivery available
Hardwood     Softwood    
Full Cord4 ft8 ft4 ft$360.00Full Cord4 ft8 ft4 ft$280.00
Face Cord / Rick4 ft8 ft1.5 ft$135.00Face Cord / Rick4 ft8 ft1.5 ft$110.00
Full-Size Long Bed2 ft8 ft5 ft$225.00Full-Size Long Bed2 ft8 ft5 ft$180.00
Full-Size Short Bed2 ft6 ft5 ft$170.00Full-Size Short Bed2 ft6 ft5 ft$135.00
Compact Long Bed2 ft8 ft4 ft$180.00Compact Long Bed2 ft8 ft4 ft$145.00
Compact Short Bed2 ft6 ft4 ft$135.00Compact Short Bed2 ft6 ft4 ft$110.00
*1-Match* Bundle~1.0 ft~1.5 ft~1.5 ft$10.00