PATCHEN hires 20 or more people for the Christmas tree selling season.  While most are high school and college students, there are opportunities for older men and women as well.

Three different kinds of jobs are available and it is helpful if individuals can qualify for more than one.  The tasks are outlined in detail here. Jobs

While most other tree lots and farms open on the Friday following Thanksgiving, we are open the Saturday preceding that very busy weekend.  Business is slow then but it offers a time for everyone to learn their jobs and for us to get all our systems up to speed before the rush.

Everyone earns the same California Minimum Wage and most workers enjoy one or both of the following.

  • Tips are common for those interfacing directly with customers; cutting trees, installing stands, and loading trees.  Tip amounts can often exceed accrued wages.
  • Workers attending all of the critical weekends and prove to be highly productive often receive a substantial bonus at the end of the season.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Jim@PatchenCalifornia.com for more details or to simply fill out the form at Sign Up .