At PATCHEN you will find almost every kind of Christmas tree there is. We sell the REAL ones and RECYCLE all kinds, including the fake plastic ones.

  • Choose & Cutting is all about the experience. Since not all trees mature at the same time, part of the fun is searching the hillsides knowing you will find the perfect one.
  • Fresh Cut Christmas Trees like Noble Fir and Silvertips don’t grow well in the Santa Cruz mountains, but we offer a wide selection delivered fresh from Oregon, Washington and the California High Sierras.
  • Buying a Living Christmas Tree means you can use it year after year or plant it outside. Several choices are available in the Gift Shop.
  • We don’t offer Fake Plastic trees but if you bring yours along, we will be happy to safely RECYCLE it for you.
  • Wholesale Christmas Trees are available for Fundraisers, Neighborhoods and Commercial Displays, as well as Tree Lots and other Retailers.