Tree Stands

If You Have One Of These,

Too Little Water

Too Little Water

Tree Damaged

Tree Damaged

Bad tree stand

Gadgets Break

Leaky Tree Stand

Nail Hole Leaks

Bad tree stand

Sharp Edges

Rebar Christmas Tree Stand

Can’t Get Off

You Probably Need One Of These!

Most Guaranteed Forever!
All Include Free Installation

BioStand Christmas Tree Stand

Made in USA

Cinco Christmas Tree Stand

Stores Easily

Davis Christmas Tree Stand

For Large Trees

Tree Sizes and Stand Choices

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The PATCHEN 100% Biodegradable Bio-Stand is made from wood and recycled wood fiber. Reuse it or throw it in the fireplace or compost pile. Available in the gift shop, with these other Tree-Fresh products.

Fresh-Patch   Crystal-Fresh   Bio-Bag

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