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Noble Fir Christmas TreesNoble fir, known for excellent needle retention and longevity is one of the most popular varieties of Christmas trees. It’s prized for its symmetrical shape and stiff branches with needles of dark green to blue-green with a silvery tinge. Available in both”Plantation” and “Cascade” styles.

Nordmann Christmas TreesNordmann Fir looks much like Noble fir but a bit hardier with stiffer,more evenly spaced branches. They grow slower and are a bit more expensive but they last longer than almost any other variety.

Douglas Fir Christmas TreesDouglas Fir, with it pyramidal form, is one of the most preferred varieties all over the Country. Needles are fragrant, giving off a sweet smell when crushed and they are densely set, soft, dark green or blue-green. “Doug” fir is often less expensive than the “true” fir varieties.

Grand Fir Christmas TreesGrand Fir differs from most other fir trees in its exceptional uniformity. It usually possesses a single straight trunk with regularly spaced branch whorls. It is lacy, aromatic and delicate, requiring special attention in order to preserve its delicate appearance.

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Frasier Fir Christmas TreesFrasier Fir (similar to balsam fir) is native to the eastern US and known for its uniform pyramid shape. Strong branches are turned slightly upward and needleare flattened, dark-green with two broad silvery-white bands on the lower surface.

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Giant Sequoia Christmas TreesGiant Sequoia is one of the three species of conifers known as “redwoods” due to the color of its heartwood. As a Christmas tree, it stays fresh longer than most others. Being rather “stickery”, it is the most tolerant to pets and toddlers.

Monterey Pine Christmas TreesMonterey Pine, native to Bay Area, with its long needles and bushy shape is one of the most fragrant of all the West Coast varieties. It is the most widely planted pine in the world and is the principal Christmas tree variety in much of the Western US.

Silvertip Christmas Trees“Silvertip” is the most sought after of all Christmas trees, the Abies Magnifica. Grown only at the highest elevations of the Sierra Nevada and Cascades, it earns its reputation as a spectacular center piece for your Christmas celebration.

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White Fir looks very similar with slightly longer needles.